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Men whom prey on solitary women that are foreign Hurghada Forum

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Men whom prey on solitary women that are foreign Hurghada Forum

Please be cautious whenever doing one thing quite innocent such as for example having a coffee in Costa or having a glass or two in a club if you should be by yourself!

Some men that are egyptianonly a few) earn a living away from foreign ladies, in specific the center aged who be seemingly holidaying by themselves. Initial actions are flattery and compliments and helpfulness which in turn turn into demands for the money due to their scams that are many. Operations with their grandmothers, assistance with rent because their landlords are threatening eviction, possibility to invest in a fast cash making scheme. etc. numerous center aged females have actually been “scammed” and are usually too ashamed to state any such thing on the go back to great britain. Please be warned!

Thank you for your thread can I ask why you stumbled on this specific forum, as there are lots of other areas of Egypt where this continues along with a practiced tourist i might constantly advise any solitary girl visiting an international nation in specific those in the center east and Africa to be mindful of every strangers however your publishing is legitimate and it’s also good to note that many people do have issues concerning the separate traveler thank you.

I believe ladies need to be a little more started up and a bit more streetwise. (more…)