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German Banker Accused of Stealing Millions to Fund Gambling Habit

Friday, February 14th, 2020

German Banker Accused of Stealing Millions to Fund Gambling Habit

A banker that is german component of a brand new trend of high-dollar gambling thefts

It’s absolutely nothing not used to hear about people money that is stealing order to spend it on gambling. However, it’s rare that the theft ever gets this big. A 39-year-old bank that is german has been accused of stealing over €8 million ($10.6 million) from customers, which he then spent at casinos within the course of several years.

Stole Undetected for Years from Customers

According to the charges, the person works in Buxtehude, a Northern Germany town that is a suburb of Hamburg. Over the course of more than three years spanning between 2007 and 2010 the man stole money from clients’ accounts no fewer than 156 times. He additionally straight took cash which had been provided to him by customers to spend. Based on prosecutors talking in Stade District Court, the person even faked customer signatures on several occasions so as to gain access for their money.

The amounts stolen varied greatly from customer to client. At some times, he took only several hundred euros; in the many dramatic cases, a few hundred thousand euros had been taken away from accounts simultaneously.

In total, €8.4 million ($11.1 million) was applied for of client accounts on the years. That cash was then largely spent at a local casino in Hamburg.

According to prosecutors, the man that is unnamed already reimbursed €4.5 million ($6 (more…)

Mythbuster: i did son’t get a scholarship, so USC is not planning to be economically feasible

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Mythbuster: i did son’t get a scholarship, so USC is not planning to be economically feasible

Over 30,000 students applied to USC for our merit based scholarship consideration. The procedure is highly competitive, and only 1,200 pupils is considered for the scholarships. Pupils often think that they can’t afford USC without a scholarship, but that will maybe not be true! I sat down with Danny Finlay, Assistant Director of Outreach for school funding, to set the record straight and get more info on how USC can be affordable.

Jessica: Students often confuse the difference between merit need and aid based aid. Would you clarify the distinction?

Danny: Merit based aid is money awarded up to a student based on a compelling admission application that demonstrates significant achievements. Scholarships are the only type of merit based aid, and are also perhaps not awarded by the Financial Aid Office. Need based aid is directed at students based solely on their family’s demonstrated need that is financial. Factors such as for example good grades or test scores don’t play into awarding students need based help.

J: What are different kinds of Financial Aid?

D: There are a few various types of need based aid- Loans, Grants, and Work-Study. Loans are amounts of money that may need certainly to be paid back to the government. A grant is definitely an award that will not need to be paid back. Work-Study is really a kind of financial aid that enables students to hold jobs that are par (more…)

Galaxy Gaming CEO Reassures Shareholders After Regulatory Denial

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Galaxy Gaming CEO Reassures Shareholders After Regulatory Denial

A casino that is nevada-based games developer, maker and distributor is trying to reassure worried shareholders after the company’s California ‘suitability to complete business’ rights had been revoked by that state’s Gambling Control Commission recently.

Defending Letter

Galaxy Gaming CEO Robert Saucier has sent a four-page missive to investors, claiming that all the presssing issues decried by the California regulators within their decisions stemmed from a ‘predecessor entity that ceased business operation in 2009 and dissolved. The proceedings failed to involve Galaxy, directly’ Saucier went on, adding that ‘it is business as usual [at Galaxy ] even as we continue to offer our products and services without the interruption.’

With Galaxy doing plenty of its business in the Golden State particularly with many Indian tribes who have casinos Saucier wanted to guarantee customers and investors that Galaxy’s ‘gaming permit with Ca tribes is unchanged and in good standing. Likewise, our status in all other jurisdictions we serve is also unchanged and remains in good standing. In fact, we continue steadily to seek and get licenses that are new approvals in additional jurisdictions,’ the letter went on to say.

Conflicting Stories

And this is where things get, um, a little perplexing. All evidence points to the contrary because while Saucier emphatically states in his letter that the California Gambling Control Comm (more…)